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This fantastic 2hr session includes all game fees, equipment hire and a 2000 rounds of ammunition. Further bb's can be purchased on the day if needed.

Airsoft Battle Royale is our version of the popular PUGB games. A team of min 10 players are dropped in at various points across 10 acres of our woodland venue with no weapons only a map of the woods with directions back to the HQ and 3 balloons attached to their backs. A variety of weapons, smoke grenades and pistols are scattered across the woods. Each player has to locate their weapons and ammunition and collect 4 trophies from across the woods and then make it back to the HQ.

Players will attempt to take each other out by shooting their balloons. If all your balloons are shot. Your out the game and must make your way back to the HQ.

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Airsoft. Some say an upgraded version of Paintball. More realistic missions, More relistic (replica) weapons. A more intense experience. All of this awaits at our woodland warzone. Bring a few friends or celebrate an event in a very different way! Spend a couple of ours crawling, sniping, stalking or attacking your mates. A session that is bound to bring out the war hero in each and every one of you!

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