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  • Holmbush, West Sussex

    Min. Age 10

    19 miles from Brighton

    Exciting gameplay and scenarios all day on the largest Airsoft site in Sussex.

    We offer one of the most tactically challenging and engaging combat woodland arenas to stage Airsoft events at.

  • Slinfold, West Sussex

    Min. Age 11

    22 miles from Brighton

    A woodland battleground dedicated to the newest most electrifying combat sport: airsoft. Players will be armed with a selection of realistic Automatic Electronic Guns and unleashed into 15 acres of varied natural terrain, man-made barricades and impressive fortifications. Thrilling action events.

  • Tonbridge, Kent

    Min. Age 12

    34 miles from Brighton

    This exciting airsoft battleground features dense woodland and open fields as well as plenty of purpose built barricades and cover points. The action will be varied and include tactics, stealth and close quarters battle throughout your experience.

  • Croydon

    Min. Age 12

    35 miles from Brighton

    Surrounded by Surrey woodland this tailor-made airsoft site guarantees you one of the most authentic combat experiences around. So get ready to put your combat skills to the ultimate test!

  • Woking

    Min. Age 12

    42 miles from Brighton

    Get ready to put your combat skills to the ultimate test by battling your way round our awesome Woking airsoft venue, where frantic firefights and tense tactical battles are sure to give you an action packed day or airsoft!

Airsoft Brighton

Thousands of people flock to Brighton every year to see all the sights in the wonderful seaside city. As great as they are, they don’t exactly get the adrenaline pumping. Everybody needs an action fix- and for adrenaline junkies and thrill seekers everywhere, we have some great news for you. Airsoft Combat has plenty of stellar locations just a short drive away from Brighton, so the perfect military style experience is so close, you can practically touch it!

Closest to the site is our Holmbush location in West Sussex. This is the largest airsoft arena in Sussex, so you should rest assured that this is nothing less than the most epic combat experience imaginable. With a variety of different game zones, all designed to push you beyond your furthest limits, you’ll leave feeling like you’ve really been to the front lines- it really is that exhilarating here!

Also in nearby Sussex is our Slinfold location. Boasting 15 acres of fun buried deep in natural woodland, this is a hidden mission waiting to be discovered. With a variety of man made and natural obstacles, this is the closest you can get to a military experience without signing up to the armed forces. With many of our stealth challenges modelled after SAS missions, like our Fun House, this really isn’t for the faint of heart.

If all this action isn’t enough for you, then we’ve got another awesome battlefield just a short drive away from the city. Our Tonbridge venue is one of the most authentic combat experiences in the country. With some realistic replica weapons, imaginative and exciting game scenarios modelled on real life military missions and many military vehicles to ride along in, this is nothing less than an action fan’s dream come true. Why play video games when you can actually step into the frenzied fun for yourself?

Don’t delay any longer- leave the city behind and come for an awesome day in the Airsoft Combat trenches.

"My son and his friend had a fantastic time for their first airsoft experience! They will definitely be back!"

Ginette, Holmbush, West Sussex Airsoft

RATED 3.8 out of 5

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