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Airsoft Birthday Parties in the UK and Ireland Testimonials

If you asked most people to describe me, the first thing they’d probably say is that I’m an adrenaline junkie. Ever since I was a kid I’ve taken part in tons of extreme sports activities, always looking for the next big buzz- there is no feeling quite like the adrenaline rush when you’re taking part in some heart pounding, intense action. When we were arranging my birthday celebrations this year, I told my girlfriend I wanted to celebrate by taking part in some extreme sports.

The only problem is that none of my friends or family are into adventure sports like I am. My task was to create a perfect birthday day out that my mates could enjoy as much as I would. When searching online for activities we could all try out, I discovered the Airsoft Combat website. I’d never played a game of airsoft before, but I knew exactly what it was- a more realistic and intense version of paintball, that is far closer to the intensity of real life warfare than throwing paint at your friends can ever be.

It was incredibly thrilling, but it was also a great team game, so I asked my mates what they thought. After they did some research online and looked at a few videos, they decided that this might be the sport for them- so my birthday plans were sorted! Of course, I was going to have a great birthday night out with my girlfriend, but there is nothing quite like getting together with the lads and having a laugh. Playing airsoft would definitely give us the chance to have fun, as well as push us beyond our limits.

When we got to the site, the staff found out it was my birthday and started singing happy birthday to me- they were up for a laugh and loved having a bit of banter every time we’d taken a break from the game itself. I couldn’t have asked for a better atmosphere to play in; it was equally fun and thrilling, with each of the game zones challenges keeping everybody on their toes until the end of the day.

I’ve never taken part in any airsoft events before, but me and the lads loved it. I couldn’t have asked for a better birthday treat! I’ve found out a venue nears me does zombie airsoft events and we’re all definitely going to take part in that. After today, I think I’ve converted my mates into adrenaline junkies too!