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Airsoft is the most realistic battle experience you can get without signing up to the Armed Forces. Add zombies to the mix and you'll definitely feel like you have wandered straight into the apocalypse- and you are humanity's last hope!

Airsoft Combat's Zombie Airsoft experiences are some of the most intense action adventures you'll find anywhere in the country. You and your squad will be surrounded by the swarming undead and the only way out is to attack. This isn't a game for the faint of heart. But if you would rather be an action hero in a horror movie than a war movie, this is the challenge for you.

Airsoft is one of the most realistic military style challenges you can play anywhere in the UK, making you feel like you have been transported directly to the front lines of some of the most intense battles in combat history. Well, classic airsoft is nowhere near as intense as the thrills you can find at our zombie airsoft battlefields. Here, you’ll be transported straight to the front lines of a war against the undead- and you are humanity’s last hope for survival.

With the large amount of zombies to battle, you’ll need a giant group to be able to go head to head with zombies; some of our sites even have a minimum group number of 15. The large groups of soldiers needed means this is perfect for stag/hen do’s, corporate events and birthday parties. It isn’t great for kids though, as the scary nature of the sport means it is only available for older teenagers and up.

When you get to the site, you will be instantly immersed in the action- it will feel like you’ve stepped out of the real world and directly into the zombie apocalypse. What follows will be even more terrifying than any horror movie you’ve ever seen. After a quick safety briefing, you’ll get to know other people on your team, get your weapons and then plan to work together to fight the swarm of undead attackers. It is up to you to stop the zombie virus spreading!

Each of our sites is expertly designed, with state of the art special effects and small armies of zombies ready for you to take down. You could be battling in an underground bunker, our outdoors in a graveyard or a church. But whatever you do, always watch out behind you. These are fast zombies that are rushing to eat your brains and you need to wipe them out immediately!

You will never need to watch a horror movie again after being on a zombie battlefield as exhilarating as this. Don’t delay any longer- come and fight for your life with us!