Below are the 5 nearest locations to Nottingham.

  • Nottingham - Mansfield

    Min. Age 12

    14 miles from Nottingham

    Get ready to put your combat skills to the ultimate test by battling your way round our awesome woodland Nottingham airsoft venue, which is tailor made to bring out your inner action hero! Not much comes close to the realism of this fast-paced combat game as you engage the opposition in a series of close quarter combat games and scenarios. Your diverse mission objectives will involve fast and frantic firefights, and tense tactical battles as you look to topple your opponents with our superbly realistic M5 carbine guns in hand. These look and feel just like the real thing and even recoil after each shot! Book your place now!

  • Matlock, Derbyshire

    Min. Age 12

    19 miles from Nottingham

    This impressive airsoft venue features an explosive combination of varied terrain and purpose-built cover points and fortifications. As you do battle among an army of your mates you'll charge through woodland, bunkers and more. Plus, you'll be playing with your choice of awesome replica weaponry which ranges from M4s, AK47s and G36c to the Thompson and the sniper rifle.

  • Chesterfield, Derbyshire

    Min. Age 14

    25 miles from Nottingham

    With acres of varied landscape to battle it out in this epic woodland war zone is perfect for airsoft, so get ready to push your survival skills to the limit!

  • Bawtry

    Min. Age 12

    35 miles from Nottingham

    Equip yourself with a variety of authentic military weapons as you discover the sheer adrenaline-filled rush of military combat on our epic woodland Battlefield.

  • Leek, Staffordshire (indoor)

    Min. Age 13

    36 miles from Nottingham

    An action packed indoor playground, perfect for unleashing your inner action hero. This densely forested battleground is home to the newest and most thrilling combat sport in the UK, the sport of Airsoft. Get your hands on an amazingly realistic and fully functioning replica firearm and use it to defeat your enemies in a series of heart-pounding mission scenarios. Win or lose, you're guaranteed to have a blast.

Airsoft Nottingham

Thought Robin Hood was the biggest action hero in the history of Nottingham? Well, he only went to battle with a bow and arrow, which is nothing compared to the thrills you’ll find at our stellar Airsoft combat locations in and around the city. With replica weapons and game zones inspired by real life military missions, we make Robin’s adventures look tame by comparison. If you’re an adrenaline junkie, you’d be a fool not to take part.

You don’t even have to travel far to get the ultimate action kick. In the vast woodland surrounding Nottingham, you can find our stellar airsoft battle zone. The games on this site are some of the fastest and most frantic you’ll find anywhere in the UK, with plenty of tense fire fights, as well as tactical challenges designed to test your team’s strength against the enemy. With some of the best replica weapons in the country, you’ll feel like you’re fighting with the real thing- it’ll be impossible not to feel like a real life action hero after a day here.

If your appetite for adrenaline fuelled mayhem hasn’t been filled up, then we aren’t going to leave you to go hungry. There are plenty of locations just a short drive away from Nottingham that are perfect for airsofting thrills, with the closest being our awesome battleground in Matlock, Derbyshire. This is perfect for scenario gamers, as you decide the running storyline throughout the day; whoever wins each challenge takes control of the story that leads to the next frantic battle.

Finally, we are also really close to a brilliant airsoft site in Chesterfield, Derbyshire. Located in a woodland near the famous “Black Hills”, this unique locations is perfect for some of the wildest airsoft challenges you’ll find anywhere in the region. This is the closest you can get to authentic military combat without signing up for service, so why not come and experience the intense thrills for yourself?

You’d be a fool to miss out on an adrenaline rush like this. Book with Airsoft Combat today to guarantee your spot on the front lines.

"As a group of first timers we all had a great time and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves."

Francis Curley, Reading Airsoft

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