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Corporate Activities Testimonials

I always say that the office team should collaborate in the same way that soldiers do. By helping each other with every task that requires it, they can help defeat every problem in their way. All it takes is strategy, co-operation and plenty of hard work to achieve our company goals. A hard working team is a happy team, so every corporate team building day we have has to emphasise each of these qualities- whilst also letting the staff have more fun than they would have in the office!

This year, as part of our training I chose for us to take part in an Airsoft event. If working in the offices means thinking on your feet like a soldier would in the trenches, then it made complete sense for us to make the soldier fantasy a reality. Our company can only be successful if the team are willing to work together to defeat their problems, whilst also showing fantastic team leadership skills whenever the right time calls for it. There is no more fun way to put these skills to the test than to head over to an airsoft battlefield.

There was an Airsoft Combat location just a short drive away from our office, so booking to go there was a no brainer. I managed to keep the event a secret from the employees until after our training day meeting had finished. After talking about all the skills we need in order to boost the company’s productivity for an hour, they were delighted to hear they were going to be putting all those skills to practice in a way that would completely energise them.

I had managed to book the entire battlefield for the team as part of a private event. To make sure the team building was working to maximum effect, the staff were split into two teams of people who don’t normally work together, or socialise after hours, across all the different departments. When we got to the site itself, the team had gone out of their way to create the perfect atmosphere for us. They were on hand straight away to explain the rules of the games, as well as all of the weapons we would be using. Everybody was excited to be taking part, with team members taking it in turns to be leaders, so everybody got the chance to put all of the company initiatives into action.

The game itself was utterly thrilling and the staff managed to develop all their team work skills. Not that they noticed at the time, because they were so immersed in the realistic warfare of the battle itself! Thanks to Airsoft Combat for creating a memorable, exciting and really helpful corporate exercise for our team.