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Airsoft Hen Parties in the UK and Ireland Testimonials

I’m not the typical kind of girl who wants to get pampered as part of the Hen night experience. My fiancée may be a typical guy’s guy, but I’m still a bigger adrenaline junkie than he is. I’m always looking for the most thrilling experiences possible and as part of my hen night celebrations before getting married, I wanted one last big action adventure before I settled down for good. Even though my friends could never be described as thrill seekers, they were more than happy to arrange something intense and exciting for us to take part in.

When my hen night came around, I was over the moon to find out they had booked a zombie airsoft experience to take part in- when some of the guys from my fiancée’s stag weekend found out, they were incredibly jealous. They couldn’t believe a hen night was going to be more action packed than their testosterone fuelled evening in the city! My friends were terrified of coming face to face with zombies, so I was definitely going to be the team leader. I couldn’t wait to get to the site and let all hell break loose.

When we arrived at the site, the staff went out of their way to make the experience perfect for everybody in the group. For the wusses among us, the staff made sure the zombie actors would move slower towards them to give more of a chance to attack- whereas those at the front would be having the most intense experience, as we’d be dealing with fast paced zombies. I honestly couldn’t wait; I was more excited to kill zombies than I was to get married the next day. I just hope my husband hasn’t read this!

The game of airsoft was awesome and definitely shredded my nerves to pieces. We were in an underground bunker with very dim lighting- when the lighting turned on, tons of zombies started racing towards us. It was terrifying but a whole lot of fun and certainly a lot better than what you’d usually expect at a hen party. After hearing about my day here, my husband was eager to go- so as soon as we got back from our honeymoon, we went back to kill some more zombies! It goes without saying, but I am way better at stopping them than he is.

Thanks to the Airsoft Combat team for creating an unforgettable hen party experience. A member of the team said they’d never seen any hen night celebration like this- but hopefully, it won’t be the last, because it is awesome!