Below are the 5 nearest locations to London.

  • Docklands

    Min. Age 12

    7 miles from London

  • Croydon

    Min. Age 12

    13 miles from London

    Surrounded by Surrey woodland this tailor-made airsoft site guarantees you one of the most authentic combat experiences around. So get ready to put your combat skills to the ultimate test!

  • Broxbourne

    Min. Age 18

    16 miles from London

    Airsoft. Some say an upgraded version of Paintball. More realistic missions, More relistic (replica) weapons. A more intense experience. All of this awaits at our woodland warzone. Bring a few friends or celebrate an event in a very different way! Spend a couple of ours crawling, sniping, stalking or attacking your mates. A session that is bound to bring out the war hero in each and every one of you!
  • Brentwood, Essex

    Min. Age 12

    20 miles from London

  • Gravesend

    Min. Age 14

    21 miles from London

    At our brilliant Gravesend site the action unfolds in a spectacular 30 acres of paintball battleground. You'll go head to head with your mates in exciting team games like Bunker Hill, Prisoner of War, Tank and the The General Game.

Airsoft London

Everybody loves London. Tourists from around the world love coming to see all of the world famous sights here, from Buckingham Palace to Big Ben and the London Eye. The only problem is that none of these sites really deliver the action dose everybody needs. After all, what is so exciting about looking at a big clock, or going on a slow Ferris wheel? Come to one of Airsoft Combat’s locations across the city and discover what true action really feels like.

The closest venue to all these tourist traps is our Whitechapel site. This awesome indoor arena is modelled on 1940’s warfare, so prepare to stand with allied forces and battle for victory. It couldn’t look any more realistic, with bombed out shops, a church, police station and embassy to storm and rescue hostages from. Combined with awesome surround sound effects and lighting, it will feel like you’ve travelled back in time to take on the Nazi’s.

If you want to get out onto the battlefield however, make your way to the Surrey countryside and our barnstorming Croydon war zone. The woodland surroundings make it feel like you’ve stepped on to an authentic battleground, with the replica rifles you will be using very close to the real thing. With some of the most heart racing missions around to boot, you definitely won’t be bored taking part in this combat experience.

Just as good is our Watford venue. Clocking in at a whopping 60 acres, the size isn’t the only impressive thing you’ll notice when you play here. Our games have been designed with the participation of real army servicemen, using real military tactics and scenarios- so you know that you are going to be left feeling completely exhilarated after a day battling it out here. Why would you want to miss out on an adrenaline rush like this?

You’d be a fool to miss out on all this and much more, just a short drive away from London. Book with Airsoft Combat to make sure your position on the front lines is safe.

"The lads (all under 16) were made to feel important, safe, and part of the regular guys. Better than paintball if you enjoy tactical. "

Lewis Joyce, Eversley, Hampshire Airsoft

RATED 4.5 out of 5

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