Most offices celebrate Christmas by taking part in a Secret Santa, or having a party to celebrate the end of the working year. At our office, we like to do things a little differently. Every year, every team member puts an idea for the most exciting activity they can think of into a hat and the one that gets pulled out, we take part in. Working in an office full of thrill seekers means that nothing is off limits!

This year, the activity we pulled out was a zombie experience. As soon as we saw that on the paper, everybody was excited and eager to take part. We researched all the different zombie events that were close to us and there were so many to choose from- but for the most realistic zombie battle, we decided to choose zombie airsoft. We clicked on to the Airsoft Combat website and booked ourselves into a nearby venue. In just a matter of minutes, we’d turned from regular office workers into soldiers trying to save the world from the undead!

When we arrived there on the day, it was like Santa had delivered his best gift early. The site was a gigantic underground bunker, with next to no lighting whatsoever. Whenever you go to a fairground and go inside a haunted house, it is trying to be terrifying like this- only this was actually really scary! After we received brief airsoft training from the lively staff on site, we were more than ready to make our way underground for the fun to begin.

Our entire team were all ready to go, kitted out with some of the most realistic looking weapons we’d ever seen. We felt like real soldiers, not just like we were taking part in an action fantasy, with the design of the site really helping to immerse us all into the apocalyptic story. Being underground really helped- we were shut away from the outside world, so it felt like we really were fighting for our lives!

When the game started, the lights went down and we were in complete pitch black darkness. When they turned back on, there were zombies swarming all around us. It was a really frenzied shoot out, as we ran all around this gigantic bunker trying to stop attacks from all angles. I couldn’t think of a more thrilling Christmas party, even if I tried! The team are all desperate to come back, they were completely buzzing from the thrills. Next team we need to book a staff outing, we’ll definitely be coming back here.