Below are the 5 nearest locations to Birmingham.

  • Birmingham

    Min. Age 11

    1 miles from Birmingham

    Located in the heart of Birmingham city centre, this truly unique combat arena boasts three of the most authentic themed game zones in the country. So get ready to experience airsoft like never before.

  • Droitwich, Worcestershire

    Min. Age 10

    16 miles from Birmingham

    With over 42,000 visits since 2012, come see what all the fuss is about at our high quality, realistic, competitive and tactical Airsoft venue in Droitwich.

  • Kidderminster

    Min. Age 13

    17 miles from Birmingham

    Not much comes close to this brilliant and bone chilling zombie experience that is guaranteed to leave you petrified and thrilled in equal measure. Rumours of a zombie outbreak are sweeping across England and now, as one of a number of newly recruited soldiers, your involvement is needed more than ever to prevent the zombie apocalypse. Our venue is a terrifyingly dark, underground tunnel network covering 250,000sq foot, where you will be armed with the Benelli M3 pump action shotgun, firing airsoft BB's. However you will need much more than your shooting skills to survive this terrifying zombie attack. Will you be able to help contain the infection and stop the undead in their tracks?

  • Redditch

    Min. Age 14

    19 miles from Birmingham

    Place yourself on the front line of action as you gather the troops and march on down to our authentic, heart-racing, military themed war-zone in Redditch!

  • Harbury

    Min. Age 13

    20 miles from Birmingham

    A characteristically dense woodland with built up shacks and pill boxes. I deal hunting ground for the sneaky assassin or sniper in you. Ideal site for Vietnam re enactment due to the ancient feel of the woodland. Will you have the guts to be a soldier or the predator in this scenario?

Airsoft Birmingham

Britain’s second city definitely comes first when it comes to awesome action! Airsoft Combat have a wide range of venues in and around Birmingham- so the perfect action fix is just a stone’s throw away. Why not escape the city and make the journey over to one of our venues? When they offer heart pounding action like what is listed below, you definitely won’t regret making the trip.

Closest to Birmingham city centre is our Kidderminster location. This is airsoft with a twist. Instead of being transported to a real life battlefield, you’ll be sent somewhere even more terrifying- the zombie apocalypse. Based in a 250,000sq foot underground network of tunnels, in pitch-black darkness, you’d better save your team from the undead that are swarming ever closer to eat your brains. Do you have the shooting skills needed to take them down?

If you want a less terrifying, but no less thrilling, airsoft experience, head to our woodland battlefield in Bridgnorth, Shropshire. With plenty of awesome purpose-built game zones, including a range of different obstacles and buildings, you’re definitely not going to have a dull moment here. Plus, it couldn’t be simpler to attack your enemy, as the low hanging branches in this wood make everybody easy to spot. You’d better work on your tactical skills to make sure you aren’t seen!

Finally, we have a stunning indoor airsoft location at Leek, Staffordshire. Here, you’ll get to live out your action fantasies at an airsoft park fully designed to replicate the classic thrills of all your favourite war movies and video games. With some of the best replicas of real life weapons used by the military, this doesn’t feel like a game. This feels like war has broken out and you’re on the front lines.

Next time you want to escape the city, book a day with us at one of our stellar Airsoft Combat locations. With premier action adventures like these and much, much more across the Midlands and beyond, we guarantee nothing less than the adrenaline pumping time of your life.

"All very happy with the experience and would definitely return"

Louise jackson, Chesterfield, Derbyshire Airsoft

RATED 3.9 out of 5

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