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Airsoft Liverpool

As one of Europe’s major cities, millions of people visit Liverpool every single year. But sometimes, the hustle and bustle can become too much- and we don’t blame you for wanting to escape from it all and let loose. After all, everybody needs a major action fix to get away from the stress of big city life. Luckily, Airsoft Combat have plenty of locations just a short drive from Liverpool, so the ultimate adrenaline-fuelled military fantasy is within your reach.

If you want an authentic military experience, look no further than our Wrexham site, in North Wales. A gigantic urban fighting environment, our site boasts 65 acres to battle on, including woodlands, rivers and an extensive road network. Our site is historically important as it was used as a munitions factory during WWII- no airsofter will want to miss out on the chance to go to war here. This is as close to perfect as airsoft comes, so make sure you get straight to the front lines.

But that is far from the only awesome military experience we deliver. Back on this side of the border, you can find our stellar site in Bolton. With a mixture of heart pounding team games based on classic military warfare and scenes from war movies, you will definitely feel like a real life action hero when you hit this battle zone. Are you ready to be at the centre of this unfolding combat fantasy?

Think that war isn’t exhilarating enough and want an even more intense challenge? Then look no further than our Heywood site, just a short drive away in Manchester. This indoor location is home to a battle scarier than anything you’ve ever been a part of. Are you ready to battle the undead in a thrilling game of zombie airsoft? In a close to pitch black venue, you’ll be preventing the zombie apocalypse spread around the North of England. But with plenty of them swarming towards you and your team, you are going to have to be the best of the best- this is a challenge that takes no prisoners.

Leave Liverpool behind for a day and make the journey over to our brilliant Airsoft Combat locations. Book with us now so you can get straight to the front lines.