Below are the 5 nearest locations to St Albans.

  • Broxbourne

    Min. Age 18

    12 miles from St Albans

    Airsoft. Some say an upgraded version of Paintball. More realistic missions, More relistic (replica) weapons. A more intense experience. All of this awaits at our woodland warzone. Bring a few friends or celebrate an event in a very different way! Spend a couple of ours crawling, sniping, stalking or attacking your mates. A session that is bound to bring out the war hero in each and every one of you!
  • High Wycombe

    Min. Age 11

    22 miles from St Albans

    If it's an awesome combat experience you're in search of, then you're going to love our action-packed our epic Airsoft location in High Wycombe!

  • Docklands

    Min. Age 12

    24 miles from St Albans

  • Brentwood, Essex

    Min. Age 12

    26 miles from St Albans

  • Woking

    Min. Age 12

    30 miles from St Albans

    Get ready to put your combat skills to the ultimate test by battling your way round our awesome Woking airsoft venue, where frantic firefights and tense tactical battles are sure to give you an action packed day or airsoft!

Airsoft St Albans

Whereas most British cities are defined by their vibrant atmosphere, as well as their chaotic hustle and bustle, St Albans is like a glorious throwback to days gone by. It is one of the UK’s oldest cities and if you live here, it definitely feels that way too. For adrenaline junkies, living here can be boring, as it can often feel like you’re a million miles away from your next action fix. Well, you can relax; Airsoft Combat have plenty of battlefields just moments away from St Albans- why don’t you come down and see for yourself?

Closest to St Albans in Watford is one of the UK’s largest outdoor airsoft arenas. Spread across a jaw dropping 60 acres, here we have a wide range of game scenarios, which are undeniably some of the best war games you’ll find anywhere in the region. These aren’t just any old war games after all; our challenges have all been designed and developed by former military servicemen, so you won’t find a more authentic battlefield thrill anywhere else!

Head down to the trendy East London suburb of Whitechapel and you’ll find one of Britain’s best best indoor airsoft battlefields. Built and developed by dedicated airsoft nuts, this two storey 1940’s inspired arena will put you in the heart of some epic WWII inspired thrills, as you blast your way around a war-destroyed town. With a replica bombed out Whitechapel high street, church, police station and embassy, this is action on a scale like nothing you’ve ever experienced before.

Also in quick striking distance from St Albans is our brilliant Brentwood site in Essex. One of the oldest airsoft sites you’ll find anywhere in Britain, this battlefield has managed to keep its doors open for so long for delivering nothing but the most epic thrills imaginable. Spread across 35 acres of prime woodland, this is definitely worth abandoning civilisation for- you can’t call yourself a true airsofter until you’ve taken this challenge on.

With all these venues and many more easily accessible from St Albans, adrenaline junkies don’t need to worry any longer. Reading about these sites is one thing, but experiencing them for yourself is something else altogether. Book with Airsoft Combat now and see what all the fuss is about.

"Friendly , helpful staff .. can't wait to do it again . Had a great day. "

Angela dawson, Matlock, Derbyshire Airsoft

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