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Indulge yourself in our tailor-made venue that is designed to provide you with the most realistic military-experience in the UK. We provide you with top of the range guns that are so realistic, you need a license to carry them in public. Mood lighting, audio and smoke are also used to closely match the environment that those face in war. With a range of different activities to chose from, you’re able to accommodate to your event type – with the simplistic, fast-paced, heart-racing skirmish game mode being ideal for those competitive stag do’s and our military-scenario’s being perfect for those looking to host a corporate event in the attempt to team-build!

Our urban game zones are under cover which means we are open all year round and there’s no standing around in the rain. On site there is a full range of facilities including toilets, parking and a variety of drinks and snacks to purchase. There is also a cafe open on Saturdays serving cooked lunches. All equipment is provided upon arrival including all the safety equipment needed. Our experienced marshals will on hand throughout the day to help you and make sure rules and regulations are followed.

Game Zones

With different Game Zones and a host of different activities available, our venue will provide you with the most authentic and diverse military-experience available anywhere in the UK. Our Airsoft site is tailor-made to suit your needs with us interacting with the community throughout the years to improve game-play experience.

Our venue consists of over 22,000 sq. feet worth of action over 2 Zones. Zone 1 comes with audio support to enhance the experience and improve control. This zone also has the ability to smoke out areas and add mood lighting, adding to the realism. Our Zone 2 battlefield looks like something for a film set – it is littered with shattered cars and debris scatted everywhere. It has it’s own hanger which is used as a briefing area and safe zone for when skirmishing. Sitting in the middle is an additional 7000 sq. ft. skills house again with its own integral sound and lighting system. For a truly unique experience, it’s best playing at night. At night the atmospherics take Zone 2 to an all new level not experienced by many airsoft players anywhere in the UK. We can add fire, smoke and screaming casualties to take airsoft to a totally new realistic level.

Our activities on-site consist of; skirmishes, military-scenarios and training. Skirmishes gives the players an opportunity to take part in a competitive game mode to enjoy with friends and family, particular those looking to host a stag/hen do, corporate event and birthday parties. The game mode is fast paced, simple and exciting.

For the more experienced airsofters we will organise and deliver more scenario based airsoft games. These games can be played both during the day and at night, adding to the layer of excitement and adding to the thrill. The scenarios will require players and teams to work together to fight through and achieve the mission. For the less experienced airsoft players who wish to take part in the scenarios our marshals will help in taking the lead. The training activity consists of you learning from the best, us. We have years of experience and top of the range resources. Also, throughout the year, we get experts from Law Enforcement and from the military to come in as guests, speakers and trainers.

  • Airsoft Droitwich, Worcestershire
  • Airsoft Droitwich, Worcestershire
  • Airsoft Droitwich, Worcestershire
  • Airsoft Droitwich, Worcestershire
  • Airsoft Droitwich, Worcestershire
  • Airsoft Droitwich, Worcestershire

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    • Rushock Trading Estate
    • Well Ln
    • Rushock
    • Droitwich
    • WR9 0NR

    Easy to get to by both car and train, our Airsoft venue is located on the Rushock Trading Estate. It’s on the A442 between Kidderminster and Droitwich Spa in Worcestershire. The nearest train station is in Droitwich Spa. You are advised to follow the instructions that will be printed on your booking confirmation receipt.

    Maps and directions used on our website are for guide purposes only. Please use the directions supplied with your booking confirmation when making travel arrangements.

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      • "My boy and his guests were VERY HAPPY! Thank you so much. "

        Natalia Yordanova, RATED 4.9 out of 5

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      "My boy and his guests were VERY HAPPY! Thank you so much. "

      Natalia Yordanova, Droitwich, Worcestershire Airsoft

      RATED 4.9 out of 5

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