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Full Day Session
  • 7people

    Min. Group

  • 14person

    Min. Age

Tactically manoeuvre your way through a variety of military-themed game modes as you and your troops aim to hunt down the enemy on our epic battlefield! Taking a hold of replica war guns, your authentic military experience is sure to provide you with the adrenaline-filled thrills as you pepper your opponents with bullets. Accommodating those of all military and airsoft experience, this is the perfect activity for a fun corporate event, birthday party or stag/hen do. When you arrive, you’ll be kitted out in all the latest safety gear as well as being provided with all the equipment needed to take part – including 1,000 BB’s.

Game Zones

An adrenaline-junkie is assured to not leave our battlefield feeling disappointed. Leaving the real world behind you, you’ll be transported to the front line of action as you take part in 5 military-themed game zones on a 35-acre battlefield! Tailor-made to push even the most self-proclaimed shooter to the absolute limit, you’ll have to show-off your leadership skills as you tactically make your way across the battlefield – avoiding the kill-hungry enemy that lurks behind every obstacle! Equipped with realistic weapons and using BB pellets, Airsoft is the perfect alternative to Paintball not only due to less pain and less pain but also because of its authentic military feel.

Venue Details

Wannabe war heroes will be put to the test as they aim to overcome our action-packed game modes! Showing off your innate leadership skills, you and your troops will submerge yourselves on the front line of action as you strive to overcome our 5 military-themed game zones. Equipped with our militaristic weapons, you’ll have to stay alert if you’re to avoid being taken out by the kill-hungry enemies that lurk around every inch of this 35-acre warzone. Upon reporting for duty at our Airsoft venue in Newbury, you’ll be equipped with all the latest safety gear whilst being presented with a full safety briefing from our qualified and experienced instructors.

Venue Ref: 11082-33

Location Details

Excellently placed within close proximity to Reading and Oxford, our militaristic battlefield in Newbury is ideally situated to provide young wannabe war heroes with non-stop action from start to finish whilst they fight through our plethora of military-themed game modes! We’re easily accessible via the M4. Full travel information will be printed on your booking confirmation receipt.