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  • Tonbridge, Kent Airsoft

    22 miles from Hailsham

    This exciting airsoft battleground features dense woodland and open fields as well as plenty of purpose built barricades and cover points. The act...

    From £49.99

    Min. Age 12

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  • Holmbush, West Sussex Airsoft

    27 miles from Hailsham

    Exciting gameplay and scenarios all day on the largest Airsoft site in Sussex.

    We offer one of the most tactically challenging and engaging...

    From £32.00

    Min. Age 10

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  • Slinfold, West Sussex Airsoft

    33 miles from Hailsham

    A woodland battleground dedicated to the newest most electrifying combat sport: airsoft. Players will be armed with a selection of realistic Autom...

    From £19.99

    Min. Age 11

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  • Croydon Airsoft

    34 miles from Hailsham

    Surrounded by Surrey woodland this tailor-made airsoft site guarantees you one of the most authentic combat experiences around. So get ready to put...

    From £44.99

    Min. Age 12

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  • Gravesend Airsoft

    36 miles from Hailsham

    At our brilliant Gravesend site the action unfolds in a spectacular 30 acres of paintball battleground. You'll go head to head with your mates in e...

    From £45.00

    Min. Age 14

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  • Canterbury Airsoft

    44 miles from Hailsham

    40 acres of dense woodland with 6 amazing game zones for you and your friends to conquer. All the classic paintball scenarios ar...

    From £45.00

    Min. Age 14

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