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Why would you want a day relaxing by the beach? Thousands of people visit Bournemouth each year for their dose of South Coast sunshine, but sunbathing isn’t exactly an activity that gets your heart pumping. Luckily, Bournemouth is just a short drive away from a variety of brilliant Airsoft Combat locations all over the south. Why settle for boredom, when you could be living out your wildest action fantasies?

The perfect action experience is guaranteed when you come to our Bournemouth site, just a short drive from the city centre. This awesome woodland battleground is like nothing you’ve ever been a part of before; with a range of military vehicles littered all around the battlefield, including gigantic tanks, you’ll feel like you have just walked on to the front lines, ready to fight for your life. Are you ready to take this challenge on?

But if you want a more unique challenge, that is no less intense, then a trip to Bristol should be on the cards. Our indoor site there is based in the former location of Bristol Crown Court- and we haven’t renovated it. So prepare to blast your way through a mammoth two storey site complete with courtrooms and prison cells! There will be no order in this courtroom, so make sure you do everything you can to eliminate the enemy.

Or you could head on over to Hampshire and our brilliant Eversley site. Set in the heart of a 65 acre forest, it is as far away from civilisation as you could hope for, surrounded only by beautiful countryside and enemy soldiers all swarming closer, trying to wipe you out of the battle once and for all. Each of the challenges on this site were co-developed by active servicemen, so are some of the most realistic military thrills you can experience without putting your life on the line!

There is no way you’ll want to go to the beach when you’ve experienced action like this. Some of Britain’s most exhilarating airsoft venues are in quick striking distance from Bournemouth, so why not come and experience them for yourself?