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Airsoft Newcastle

From the Angel of the North to the fantastic night life scene, there are so many reasons why thousands of people visit Newcastle every single day. If you live in Newcastle, you are likely more than used to all the things that keep tourists coming back for more- so why not leave the city behind for a day, to a discover an action packed experience elsewhere? Airsoft Combat have a plethora of venues just a short drive away, where all your action fantasies will come true.

Make the trip down from the North East to North Yorkshire and prepare for the best action thrills imaginable at our fantastic Harrogate site. This woodland war zone has a variety of different game zones, all designed to push you and your squad beyond your limits. If you thought that the Yorkshire countryside was peaceful, a day on this intense battlefield will make you think again! Are you ready to take it on?

If these aren’t enough military kicks to satisfy your action needs, look no further than our Otley site, in the heart of Yorkshire. Here, we have a plethora of dense woodland gaming areas, which all look like authentic battlegrounds. When you battle here, you’ll feel like you are in the middle of a war that is breaking out all around you. Can you lead your team to victory? Then head to the front lines and get ready for the ultimate battle of your life.

If this isn’t enough for you, then head North of the Border to our unrivalled war field in Gorebridge, Midlothian. Here, you’ll experience some of the most authentic military missions you’ll find anywhere in the UK- from close quarters head to head combat and epic fire fights, to tactical challenges that will bend your minds and push you to the edge. If you think that you and your team have what it takes to be crowned champions, head straight to our site and show us what you’re made of.

With all of this epic action and much more, you have plenty of reasons to leave the city behind for a day. Book with Airsoft Combat now and get ready for war.