Airsoft Fife

  • Gorebridge, Midlothian Airsoft

    This awesome airsoft battleground allows players to get their hands on more than a BB gun. We provide players with G36 assault rifles and 3000 BB's...

    From £ 39.99

    Min. Age 16

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  • Newcastle Airsoft

    Are you looking to go head to head with the enemy and unleash your inner war hero? You can do exactly that right here at our awesome Newcastle Airsoft venue.

    From £ 27.50

    Min. Age 14

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  • Gateshead Airsoft

    Prepare for a true adrenaline rush in the warzone – you’ll be in for nothing less when you take part in an action-packed Airsoft experience in Gateshead!

    From £ 37.50

    Min. Age 11

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  • Richmond Airsoft

    Searching for an action-packed combat experience? If so, that’s exactly what’s in store from beginning to end when you visit our awesome Richmond Airsoft site!

    From £ 27.00

    Min. Age 11

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  • Otley, Leeds Airsoft

    An action packed playground, perfect for unleashing your inner action hero. This densely forested battleground is home to the newest and most thri...

    From £ 45.50

    Min. Age 13

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  • Drumaness Airsoft

    The charming Irish countryside makes for the perfect environment for a true adventure – no matter if it’s on land or in the water. The range of fa...

    From € 25.00

    Min. Age 12

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