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Airsoft Glasgow

Scotland’s largest city and by far one of the biggest in the UK too: there is no wonder tourists flock to Glasgow year in, year out. It is one of the finest cultural destinations in Britain, with brilliant cultural and historical landmarks, as well as a cracking night life scene for when the day winds down. Just a short drive away from some of the most picturesque locations in Scotland, thrills are guaranteed even when you go beyond the city limits.

Airsoft Combat know a thing or two about awesome thrills hidden away from the city. Glasgow is just a short drive away from what is hands down the best airsoft location in Scotland- our brilliant site in Gorebridge, Midlothian. Airsoft is without a doubt the single best combat sport around, so you can’t call yourself a true adrenaline junkie until you’ve taken part in the exhilarating fun. You won’t find a more authentic military challenge than this, with authentic replica weapons and a range of challenges inspired by real life armed forces missions.

At our Gorebridge venue, our working replica weapons are based on those used by the German Armed Forces and the British Police Force. Taking these beasts out for a spin across each of our pulse racing game zones is bound to deliver the perfect adrenaline rush. Every single inch of our impressive woodland location has been designed to give you nothing less than the most authentic day in the trenches.

With a mixture of natural and man made obstacles to power across as you make your way around the battleground, as well as a giant tank, you’ll feel like you’ve actually left civilisation behind and are fighting your way through No Man’s Land! If this sounds like a dream come true, then don’t delay any longer. Book with Airsoft Combat today and take your place on the front lines.