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  • Snetterton, Norfolk Airsoft

    From £22.99 pp Min. Age 10

    commute 18 miles from Norwich, Norfolk

    Located a short distance from both Norwich and Thetford this awesome indoor airsoft arena is the perfect place to kit up and head into battle. With...

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  • Tuddenham, Suffolk Airsoft

    From £51.00 pp Min. Age 12

    commute 38 miles from Norwich, Norfolk

    A rollicking and entirely unique urban battleground, one of the UK's premier airsoft experiences. Situated on the grounds of a former WW2 army bas...

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  • Louth, Lincolnshire (indoor) Airsoft

    From £16.00 pp Min. Age 14

    commute 74 miles from Norwich, Norfolk

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  • Louth, Lincolnshire ( Outdoor) Airsoft

    From £43.99 pp Min. Age 12

    commute 76 miles from Norwich, Norfolk

    Hidden amongst acres of Lincolnshire woodlands our Louth airsoft venue is the perfect place to kit up and head into battle. The rough woodland terrain...

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  • Brentwood, Essex Airsoft

    From £65.99 pp Min. Age 14

    commute 79 miles from Norwich, Norfolk

    This venue was just the third to open its doors in the UK and boasts many years experience providing explosive airsoft events for individuals, corpora...

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  • Broxbourne Airsoft

    From £30.99 pp Min. Age 12

    commute 84 miles from Norwich, Norfolk

    Airsoft. Some say an upgraded version of Paintball. More realistic missions, More relistic (replica) weapons. A more intense experience. All of this a...

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Airsoft Norwich

The biggest city in Norfolk and undeniably the finest in East Anglia, who doesn’t love a trip to Norwich? With a wide mix of fantastic attractions, entertainment locations and night life, there is a plethora of reasons to keep coming back to the fine city. But we think the most exciting things Norwich has to offer can’t be found in the city itself; instead, they are hidden away from view, waiting to be discovered. We’re talking about our brilliant Airsoft Combat venues- and we can’t wait for you to see them for yourself.

In the woodlands that surround Norwich, you will find our terrific purpose built airsoft arena. With a wide range of game zones and intense scenarios designed to push you beyond your limits, our Norwich site should be the first port of call for airsofters and thrill seekers in need of that all important high octane action fix. Here, mission objectives include rescuing hostages and disposing of bombs. Can you and your team of elite operatives triumph in every single one?

If this isn’t enough of a test of your battle skills, then delve deep into our indoor airsoft arena at Snetterton. Our game zones and bunkers have plenty of obstacles to keep you and your team constantly on your toes, with lots of bunkers and builders to storm through too. This isn’t everything, as we also have an excellent target range. Time is running out and you need to get rid of all the enemies in town- can you do it in time?

This isn’t all we have to offer. If you go down to the woods today, be sure of a big surprise; a hidden battleground lying in the middle of the sleepy Thetford Forest. This peaceful Norfolk location isn’t going to be calm any longer, as it is home to one of the region’s most exhilarating military style challenges. With a variety of different games to test your strategy and battle skills, you won’t have a dull moment with us.

Leave Norwich for a day and discover a whole world of adventure lying just beyond the city limits. Book with Airsoft Combat today to make sure your place on the front lines is secure.